Monday, July 18, 2005

My New Board - The "Lemon Drop"

It has been almost one year since I last ordered my 6'4" Bulkley thruster, and I've enjoyed the heck out of it. It is maneuverable, fast, and paddles extremely well. However, during the spring and summer months here in North San Diego County, the waves get pretty crap-tacular and mushy.

Thus, I felt it was time to try out a new shape - one that can catch waves on autopilot, and zip through the mush sections so common this time of the year. In short, I was ready to try a fish-like board. I contacted a local shaper (Gary Hanel) and asked him if he could shape me a post-modern quad finned fish, similar to the twinzer shape he did for a friend of mine. We briefly talked over dimensions, my size and age, etc. Approximately five days later the blank was at Moonlight Glassing, waiting for me to come in and fill out an order card.

To make a long story short, I met up with Jp at Moonlight and he walked me through all of the glassing, color and fin options for my new board. I settled on a yellow resin tint, and for fins I decided to give the LokBox Turbo Canard Quads a try.

Moonlight is probably one of the most well known glass shops in San Diego, due to their attention to detail and the fine craftsmanship and artistic talent they posses. Thus, I knew it would be several weeks or months until I set my hands upon the new board.

A few days ago, Jp sent me a few images of my new board being laminated, in all of its glory. Looks beautiful to me, and if I get any more pictures of it I'll be sure to post them up so you can follow along with me.

If all goes well, I should have my new board in a few more weeks and get to try her out on during the last few weeks of summer!

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