Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday's Encinitas Double Shot Surf Report

Just a quick post before I head home for the weekend. I went out this AM, and was rewarded with an extremely low tide, small waves, and inconsistent sets - ack! At least it was quiet and peaceful!

By lunch, the building southwest swell was showing, and the waves had picked up in size to the 4 ft. to 6ft. size during the sets. Unfortunately, the heat drove a majority of Californians, residents of Arizona and Nevada, and perhaps even parts of Utah to the beaches. To say it was crowded in the lineup would be a severe understatement.

If only the swell had arrived 6 hours earlier!!! ;>

Have a great weekend, and try and catch some of this soon to be fading swell. By Monday, it will probably have finished expending itself on our coast, so get it while you can!

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