Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Baseball Season - Regular Season Wrap-up

The Raptors finished up three games over five days, with one win, one loss, and one tie. Our overall season record ended up being 13 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tied - not too shabby!

The Thursday night game was against the Storm, and our offense struggled early. However, we scored a few key runs late in the game, and after 4 & 1/3 innings of play, took the lead 4-3. Time was called due to the 2 hour limit during the regular season, and the team left happy.

Saturday's game against the Bulls was problematic. Alan had a very tough time getting pitches over the plate, and our offense was quite lackluster. We ended up losing 9-4, and hoping for a better performance during our last regular season game and tournament.

Monday night's game found us facing the Iron Birds again - the same team which has beaten us twice the last two games we have been matched up. The Iron Birds have one very good pitcher, whom they pitched for a single 1-2-3 inning. However, their other pitchers are nowhere near as good as the #1. So, after he left the game, the Raptors jumped all over the Iron Birds and put together a nice eight run second inning. The game was called at the two hour time limit with a 10-10 tied score.

The Raptors looked a bit rough defensively during our final game, which worries me. We will face the Iron Birds (again) for our first tournament game, and I am sure that their #1 pitcher will be out in force. I can only hope that the Raptors put the bat on the ball and do their best. Due to pitch counts, I don't think the #1 pitcher will be able to stay out the entire four innings needed for a regulation tournament game, so if we can keep the Iron Birds in check until that time, we may have a chance. It's all about the pitching...

So, wish the Raptors luck tonight as we begin our post-season journey - we could use it!

Score cards for the final three regular season games are found below.

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