Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Back in the Water Again

For the first time in over four weeks, I went surfing today. My dry dock period began when I injured my left knee at soccer practice. I zigged one way without wearing cleats, and my foot zagged the other way on the wet grass - not good. Note to self: wear cleats, dummy.

I was pretty gimpy for a week, and was feeling almost 100% by the end of the second week. Since the surf was pathetic, I decided to do a bit of jogging to strengthen my legs and knees for the next week and a half. A bit of cardiovascular work always gets the blood pumping (ba-da-bing!).

We had a good amount of rain over the weekend, so it is always a good idea to wait 72 hours for the bacteria washed out of the storm drains to clear up. So, out I went today, completely out paddling shape for the good sized surf we've had since the storm.

Frankly, I was just glad to make it out and into the lineup. My arms had the strength of an over-cooked spaghetti noodle, and it was difficult trying to get my timing back to where it needs to be to catch a wave of decent size. So, let's hope this size holds out as I get back into surf-shape.

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