Thursday, May 11, 2006

2006 Fish Fry

Last Sunday was the annual Fish Fry - a gathering of surfers and shapers who enjoy surfing fish surfboards. A "fish" surfboard is usually shorter and wider than your usual shortboard, customarily with a swallowtail. A standard fish has two fins (or keels), although more modern designs are now popular as well, like the quad canard fins on my GH board.

As I was getting ready to paddle out, with a crowd-induced grimace on my face, Mike Miller of ppb-photos snapped a rare picture of me. Note to self - need to cut back a bit on the red trolley ale...


  1. Thanks, mate! It was shaped by Gary Hanel of Leucadia, and glassed by the cool cats at Moonlight Glassing.

  2. With a gut like that, I suppose the "shorter and wider" board suits you well...

    ;-) Like I should talk..!


  3. My wife assures me that is was the angle of the shot... So, I'm going to run with that for the near term!

  4. Whatever helps you sleep at night.